Godfrey De Grut

By January 22, 2011Executive Committee

Godfrey De Grut
B.Mus University of Auckland

Writer, arranger and multi instrumentalist.

Co-Winner of the 2002 Apra Silver Scroll for “Misty Frequencies” with Che Fu.
Numerous appearances as an arranger and performer on platinum albums from Brook Fraser , Elemeno P , Nesian Mystic.
Recorded and toured with performers such as Scribe , Boh Runga ,Carly Binding , Nathan Haines , Amber Clare , The New Loungehead and the Rodger Fox Big Band.
Currently working with Anika Moa , Tama Waipara , Seth Haapu and the Opensouls .
Recently produced The Dukes singles “Vampires” and “Self Control”.
Even played keyboards on a session for Kanye West.