Peter Wadams (AKA P-Money)

By January 17, 2011Executive Committee

Peter Wadams is NZ’s most accomplished Hip-Hop producer, co-owner of independent record label Dirty Records (est. 2002) and is a multi-platinum recording artist and songwriter in his own right. He was awarded the “Producer of the Year Award” at the New Zealand Music Awards and the APRA Silver Scroll Award for “Songwriter Of The Year” in 2004.

Peter was officially recognized by the NZ Music Commission as a producer and co-writer on 3 of the Top10 Highest Selling NZ singles of the last decade (2000-2010). You can find his production credits on releases by Akon, Scribe, Che-Fu, David Dallas, PNC, Savage, Vince Harder, Deceptikonz and 4 Corners.

As a producer, artist and executive Peter has first hand experience in all aspects of the music business from writing, recording and producing to touring, performing, marketing, promotions and broadcasting. He’s also known to spin a few records from time to time