Earl Ho wins the University of Auckland’s Songwriter of the Year 2011

By September 29, 2011News

The Songwriter of the Year 2011 is Earl Ho, who is currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Music conjoint degree at the University. His original song and performance were judged the best amongst those of the six talented finalists at the Grand Final concert, held at the Maidment Theatre on 29 September.

Earl was also awarded some great prizes courtesy of MusicWorks, KiwiFM, the New Zealand Association of Music Producers (NZAMP) and Roundhead Studios.

“The final was such a fantastic night, with so much talent on show… I’m really stoked about the win and it will be a memory that I will cherish till the end of time”, he said.

As well as the performances of the six finalists, the concert also featured guest performances from the winners of the Songwriter of the Year: Schools Competition held in June this year. Talented young musicians Evean Hunt (Otahuhu College, Auckland) and Emmeline Lee (Botany Downs Secondary College, Auckland) each performed a set of their original songs.

Congratulations to Earl and the other finalists

Earl Ho
Sam Allen
Samantha Jones
Larrisa King
Phil Kim
Callum Martin