Jonathan Campbell

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With over 15 years experience in the industry and a strong background in music, he understands both the technical as well as artistic merits of a recording. He has produced artists from a wide variety of musical genres in New Zealand, USA, and Canada.


After graduating with top marks at the internationally recognized School of Audio Engineering, Jonathan went straight into employment working on mainstream charting material with a renouned producer. Since then he has worked on multiple records which have had top ten chart placements, gold and platinum sales, #1 charting album, multiple songs which have achieved number one for national main-stream radio play, and mixed the first New Zealand song to enter the top 40 singles charts on digital downloads alone!

A composer and writer in his own right, his songs have also featured on multi-platinum selling compilations as well as gaining the attention of major label executives which lead to the signing of artist Haylee Fisher to Warner Music. Jonathan’s recent production work with Dane Rumble has spent weeks on the top 40 charts, generated gold and platinum selling singles, as well as produced a #1 selling album.

As well as music, Jonathan is well versed in the post production field and has done post production audio on top selling DVD’s, television programs, advertisements, and feature length films. Jonathan has also done additional design for the popular sound effects database software BaseHead ( BaseHead featured in a Euphonix MC ( controller video.

Between all of this Jonathan also finds the time to beta test and provides input for some of the industry’s top pro-audio developers including Steinberg, Waves, Avid, Rupert Neve Designs, Sonnox, Euphonix, Antares, Lexicon, Sonalksis, Eiosis, FXPansion, Virtual Katy, URS, Serato, Slate Digital, and others.

Selected Projects:
Dane Rumble
Ivy Lies
Haylee Fisher
The Exiles

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